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  The first laminate flooring was launched in Sweden .
  Pergo (Perstorp Flooring) then expanded its laminate flooring throughout Europe.  
  Due to its European success other manufacturers soon started producing their own versions.
  Laminate flooring is the fastest growing choice for flooring in America.
  If, you like a floor that withstands heavy-traffic from normal family life, and is easy to care for, then         laminate flooring is an ideal solution.
  Laminate flooring is approximately fifteen times stronger than hardwood flooring and most come with   15-25 year warranty.
  With its machine made construction and photographic laminate surface, this floor is the perfect             solution for the look and appeal of real hardwood that is more durable and requires less 
  maintenance. Any spills can be cleaned up using a mop or sponge.
  With the glue less system of laminate flooring, there is no excess glue to clear up, and the floor can     be used immediately after installation .  
  Laminate flooring offers the best combination of quality and value in a wide range of colors,styles,         designs and will last for years and years.

                                                           - Melamine - Impregnated Overlay
                                                        - Decorative Layer, photographic surface
                                                        - Fiberboard Core
                                                        - Backing

 To use of quality underlayment is critical to successful installation, and should be installed prior to          laying laminate planks.

 Created for superior sound reduction, lowest V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds), anti-crush              technology for excellent footfall performance, hypo-allergenic and  mold - mildew resistant.

 Silent Blue
 Underlayment is 98% Memory retention, it's waterproof and designed for optimal joint stability and    foot comfort.


 Quarter Round - Nicely frames all flooring projects and covers expansion gaps next to walls.
 T-Molding - Fills the gap at doorways, and finishes spaces between the two level surfaces.
 Stair Nose - A durable trim for the treads and risers on stairways.
 Reducer Strip - Provides a smooth transition from your laminate to another type of flooring of a lower  height.


 Mannington laminate has create some of the most realistic looking laminate flooring.

 Balterio IVCUS

 Balterio laminate with an authentic, sophisticated look  brings classic style with the latest technology  resulting in beautiful laminate floors that offer carefree maintenance.

 Quickstep offers a wide variety of designs at a wide variety of affordable prices, not to mention  easy maintenance and high durability standards.

 Decor Laminate

 If you're looking for a floor that has the look and feel of a real wood  but want the pricing and durability  of a laminate then look no further than Decor laminate.

 Green Touch             
 Designed just right in every sens of the word. Fashionable *Functional *Timeless 

 Cleaning Laminate Flooring

 A simply brush over with a soft headed brush is all that is needed when cleaning laminate flooring.  Special cleaning pads are available which look very much like a mop, and have replaceable wipes that  wrap around the pad which attracts the dust, etc.
 Make sure that if you use a mop you do not soak the floor, as this could case the edges of the  laminate boards to start to expand and the floor may start to buckle.
 Never try to sand , wax, or apply lacquer to the laminate flooring. Never use scouring pads or steel  wool to clean your floor. Always read the manufactures instructions that come with your purchase.

* Remove spills promptly.
* Keep pets' nails trimmed, and paws clean.
* Remove shoes with spiked or heels before walking on laminate floor.
* Place protective pads beneath furniture legs to reduce scratches.
* Use a dolly and protective sheets of plywood when moving heavy objects, furniture or appliances.
* Place doormats inside the entrances to your home.

 To use of the dry Swifter sweeper ( only dry ) or another similar dry sweeper is highly recommended. 
 By following the manufacturers instructions and these tips on cleaning laminate, your laminate floor  should look good for many years.

Bona X Swedish Formula  laminate Flooring Cleaner is highly recommended by many laminate  manufactures.

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